Dos and Don’ts of Hair Care: 10 Secrets to Grow a Healthy-looking Crowning Glory

Are you tired of waking up on a bad hair day? Do you want to have smooth, finger comb-worthy hair?

If so, then you must know the dos and don’ts of hair care first, which you might get in this article. Here, you’re about to get hold of the secrets that will help you grow a healthy-looking crowning glory like no other. 

So, don’t wait for your hair to turn grey before learning these easy-peasy hair care tips to get that head-turning, beautiful crowning glory you’ve been dreaming of. All you gotta do is to compose yourself, have a comfy seat, get yourself a pen and paper, and start reading further. 


  • Wash your hair regularly.

To have healthy-looking hair and scalp, of course, you must always have a clean scalp. So, no matter how late you might get for work or school, see to it that you take a shower before leaving. 

It’s because a cleaner and healthier scalp help boost hair growth and promote healthier-looking crowning glory. If you’re on a rush, you could keep your hair clean with dry shampoo, and voila – you’re good to go!

  • Use detoxifying shampoo.   

For a deeper clean, fresher feeling, and healthier hair, include detoxifying shampoo in your hair care regimen to get rid of build-ups, keep your hair healthy, and help your scalp breathe. 

When buying a detoxifying shampoo, look for ones with the ingredients such as chamomile extract, eucalyptus oil, and witch hazel. 

  • Apply shampoo evenly on your scalp.

When washing your hair, make sure to apply the shampoo evenly on your scalp, but see to it that you don’t use too much of the product. An amount of shampoo that’s in the size of a dime or nickel is just enough to clean your hair. 

  • Put a conditioner near the ends.

After shampooing, you might want to condition your hair. Conditioner rehydrates, repairs, and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. When conditioning, avoid applying conditioner directly on your scalp and start coating the near-end areas with the conditioner instead.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Shampoo or conditioner residues might make your hair look oily, greasy, and dirty. And that only happens when you ignore the importance of washing out the products carefully. 

So, to achieve healthier-looking crowning glory, always wash off the hair products thoroughly with clean water. 


  • Don’t jump in the pool without protection.

Swimming pools are mostly [if not all] chlorine-treated, which makes the pool water damaging to your hair and your skin too. So, whether you’re a dedicated swimmer or not, don’t jump in the pool without protection if you don’t want to have a damaged, dry, and frizzy crowning glory. 

You might get yourself and some swimming caps to protect your hair from the chlorine-treated pool. Swimming caps secure your hair from the harmful chemicals and other unforeseen damaging microorganisms in the pool water. 

  • Don’t get used to blow-drying.

Although blow drying your hair before leaving for work or school is just fine, it’s still best to let your hair dry naturally. You aren’t supposed to make blow-drying a regular habit if you want to make your hair look soft, smooth, and healthier. 

If you don’t mind knowing, regular blow-drying eliminates too much moisture from your hair, and from time to time, the absence of moisture might dry and weaken your crowning glory. 

  • Don’t comb and style wet hair.

Who doesn’t love styling their hair? Who doesn’t love waxing and tying their hair? 

Well, as much as you want to fix your crowning glory, you shouldn’t bother styling and combing your hair when wet. It’s because your hair is most sensitive and fragile when wet.   

  • Don’t overdo salon hair treatments.

Some men and women are used to getting hair treatments from their favorite salons. If you’re one with them, don’t overdo salon hair treatment as it might damage, dry out, and make your crowning glory look frizzy. 

  • Don’t neglect a regular hair trim.    

You might want to grow your hair strong and long. If so, let’s remind you that you don’t need to shrug off the idea of getting a regular trim to make your hair healthier, and grow longer. 


Neglecting a hair trim will just cause your crowning glory to accumulate more split ends and appear drier and frizzier.

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