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“Whatever you eat the whole day, from protein sources to carbohydrates, each calorie that you are consuming counts!” Don’t you agree?

Well, everybody wants to lose weight. Ain’t right? But, few people make changes to their eating habits by following a strict healthy weight loss diet plan with an urge to earn rewards for their body and mind. Do you want to be a part of a healthy living? If yes, you should know about which foods to avoid for weight loss and which to eat, so that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a curated list of the popular foods that don’t do any favors on your waistline and avoid these foods while you are working hard to bring a change to your lifestyle.

1. Fruit Juices

Avoid “fruit drinks” with added sugars, because they’ll not only help you lose weight and will turn you high for the addiction of sugars present in it. Let us tell you why. The fruit juices are stripped away with fibers and all nutrient essentials, thus making it less nutritious as a whole fruit can be.

Instead, you will add up with extra calories to your healthy weight loss plans, but won’t help you feel full and in turn, will trigger your weight gain. Fruit juices consist of lots of sugar and a very little quantity of fresh fruits, or at times just the flavors of the relative food are put to use.

Grab an apple, orange, or whichever food you like, because it is rightly said, “A healthy outside, is a healthy inside.” 

2. Junk Food

There is a long list of food items that belong to the category of junk foods, starting from deep dried products such as crackers, french fries, and chips, to pizzas, burgers, rolls, tacos, etc. Well, to this list we can add some Indian street foods such as vada pav, paratha, pakoras, samosa, and the list goes on, we all know that!

These foods are high in sodium, sugar, trans fat, and are a source of bad carbs(adding fat to your belly button), so they have to be avoided when you are on your diet for your weight loss.

So, it is necessary, rather than these snacky items, choose some healthy alternatives while you are on your weight loss journey for encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

3. Avoid White Foods

To go beyond the cycle of food craving, say, ‘’No’, to white foods such as white bread, white pasta, white rice, etc as they are starchy and can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Do you know that these foods increase the risks of weight gain and obesity?

As they are high in calories, simple carbohydrates, but low in protein, and fibers, they come in the list of foods to avoid for weight loss. Because they’re digested quickly than their healthier alternatives, thus making you hungry all over again which can lead you to increased belly fat and a slower metabolism.

Simple changes to your diet can drive you towards a fitter life. Although, you can make them a part of your diet to treat yourself in smaller, and reasonable amounts.

4. Ice Cream

A scoop of ice cream seems to be the ultimate comfort food, during your times of cravings. Don’t you think? Well, ice-cream is a high-sugar, high-calorie dessert that will hinder your healthy lifestyle goals.

While you are looking to shed pounds, you have to put the ice cream away so that you don’t end up eating too much. Serve yourself a small portion of this delicious frozen dessert as a once-in-a-while treat.

Make your own ice cream, using healthier ingredients such as Greek yogurt, fresh fruits, and of course less use of refined sugar. Treat yourself! You will love it!

5. Canned or frozen dried fruits

Canned dried fruits dipped in sugar syrup, or tropical fruits are high in sugar, rich in calories, as compared to fresh fruits. They are considerably low in fiber, nutrition and can high up your intake of calories, and alter your daily weight loss diet plan that you are following.

If you have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy it once in a while, let us tell you, they do make a  delicious snack option. However, consuming them in moderation is required when trying to lose body fat, or else they can affect your overall diet quality score too.

It’s best to eat the fruit in as close to its natural form as possible so that you are on your path of making healthy diet changes.

6. Alcohol

Do you know alcohol tricks your metabolism into storing food as fat? When you drink alcohol, your liver tends to slow down the processing of the food you have eaten. So, always drink in moderation, even, it is for your health or just to lose a few pounds.

Alcohol is high in calories, sugar, and contains little or no protein and fiber, perhaps no nutritional value at all. Well, making lifestyle changes by getting rid of alcohol helps you boost your weight loss and weight management goals.

You do make meaningful progress towards improving your chances of weight loss after quitting alcohol. So, if you want to have that extra glass of wine or two with your friends, make sure you burn a little more at the gym and follow your personalized weight loss diet plan!

7. Pastries, Cookies, and Cakes

To dive in the sweetness of the much-craved cake and cream boutique is very welcoming to your taste buds. Isn’t it? Loaded due to refined flour and lots of sugars, sweeteners, and syrups.

Unfortunately, not making it to the list of foods to be included in your weight loss diet plans due to its high calories, presence of trans fat, etc. So, you are supposed to escape this delicious food item while you are on your fit life journey.

8. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

You’re deluding yourself if you think that these sweetened drinks or energy drinks to power you through your day. In reality, it is not at all good for your body. These drinks are sugar bombs that will spike the blood sugar levels and will lead your body to store more fat.

Low-calorie sweeteners are not a better option and will not provide you with health benefits. These drinks are loaded with calories, but still won’t make your body feel full as they are in the form of liquid sugar calories which will bring a negative impact to your body. So, it’s time to stop sipping!

When you are on your journey to lose weight, consider it essential to make the right choice of foods to eat for weight loss, rather than falling prey to unhealthy food.

Also, care should be taken about getting the correct portion sizes of the food that you consume. Get rid of the calorie-dense food items, stop munching over the processed packets, and make your attempt to adopt a healthy lifestyle for you and your family!


Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy!



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