How to Maintain Your Health While Working From Home?

Routines changed, uncertainty kicked in, and health, huh? What? Well, with a pandemic, health is supposed to be the number 1 priority. For a few people, going to the office or college gave them enough exercise for their bodies. It also helped them to socialize and be sane mentally. Now, routines have changed, and the impact it has on health is, for the lack of a better word, BAD.

Let’s ignore all the fitness freaks for a while. You and I are just regular people who are trying to find a work-life balance. And for it to balance well, we are trying to inculcate some exercises or activities that help our mental and physical health. Again, at least in a pandemic must be given the highest priority. We are in front of screens for the most time we are awake. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about our jobs or education. However, we can do many things in a day that will help us maintain our health.

Are you working from home or studying from home? Here’s how you can maintain your health!

Before we start on how to maintain your physical and mental, there’s something important to address.

Please stick to your timings: It is undeniable that people end up working more than they would in an office when they are working from home. Working from home has numerous benefits. If you are lucky enough, it gives you the flexibility to work at your pace and choose your timings. Always stick your timings. Though you have the liberty to do your tasks at a later time, do not procrastinate. Sticking to your office or class timings enables you to do other chores before and after.

Have a routine before you start your work or class:

Don’t start your day by turning your alarm off and turning your laptop on. Start your day by doing something you like, start with your favorite song, or by writing something down or watering plants or stretching or go out to get the sun while you stretch. Do something that will activate your brain and body before you use a drink to do it. Then, you can make yourself the drink that you like, or you think will help you have an energetic day.

Your morning routine may include mild exercises or yoga as they help both physically and mentally. They help reduce anxiety, negative moods, and stress with happy hormones. Exercising also helps you sleep better. A lot of people complain about irregular sleep cycles or, actually, no sleep cycle. Having a routine that includes physical activity will definitely keep your mind and body busy throughout the day and allow you to sleep well at night.

Your mental health has a great influence on your physical health. COVID-19 is all about immunity, and doing exercises and taking care of your mental health plays a vital role in immunity.

Take breaks: Give your eyes, mind, and legs some break if you are working from home. Sit in different places, go fill your water bottle often, take a walk inside your house, or stretch whenever you feel like. Taking breaks improves your productivity and also keeps your body and mind happy. When you do that, don’t multitask or overthink about the things you have to do. You can, of course, use that time to jot down or make a list in your mind about the tasks you have to do.

Get some fresh air: Ensure you get out of your house for a bit every day. Yes, you will definitely have to take precautions and social distance. Going out will give you the feeling of normalcy, and that is just a way to trick your brain. Nature and scenery can do a lot of good for your health.

Talk to people: Whenever you feel low or feel like ranting to someone, go ahead! If your friends are busy, find people on dating apps who are good listeners. This pandemic is not the time to bottle up. It is the time to give yourself some self-love, remove toxic people and habits from your life. If something is worrying you, build up the courage to get rid of it. Trust me; it helps a great deal with your mental health.

I hope this blog helped all the students and employees who are trying a bit harder every day to stay healthy and are making better choices. Here’s a pro tip: Do what works for you personally. Read as many blogs as you want and get inspired but create a plan that is suitable for you. Go with your interests and everything possible to give yourself self-love. You know your schedule better and how many breaks you can take 😉

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