7 Basic Beauty Tips For Your Face You Should Definitely Follow


This is so important, and, I guess basic, but it amazes me the number of people, especially women, who still don’t do this. Washing your face twice a day, morning and night to ensure that all the dirt from the day and night before have been washed away, leaving your pores lovely and clear. It also means that your makeup can go on smoothly. Washing your face regularly also means that you’re less likely to have blemishes and spots. Obviously, depending on your skin type, you will still get some, but washing your face properly helps to decrease the breakouts.


Again, to me this is something both basic and important, so much so that I have now got my boyfriend to do it as well! Exfoliating allows us to scrub away the top layer of skin, which is likely to be clogging up pores and leaving a dull look on our complexion. By scrubbing this all away, it leaves our skin soft and clear. Exfoliating also helps get your circulation in your face going, which helps to drain any fluids in your face- especially in the eye area.


After we’ve washed our faces, many face washes can leave our skin a little dry and tight, so moisturising brings the moisture back into our skin, so we don’t get all dry and flaky- no one wants that do they? By moisturising before you put makeup on, this means that your foundation won’t stick to any dry skin you may have, which is not a good look. Moisturising also helps to decrease the look of aging, as dry skin ages quicker.


Be it the height of summer or mid-winter, sun cream is very important. If you don’t want to slap on sun cream on every day, make sure you pick up a moisturiser with a good level of SPF in it, this can also save you time in the mornings! Sun cream helps to slow down photo aging, which can have effects on us later. Just make sure that you pick a good brand, and one that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays and has a star rating of 4 stars. This is the highest level you can get, since they changed the rating system. If you’re on holiday I would recommend nothing less than 30.


By this, I’m referring to foundations! Again, I see so many women with the dreaded line along their jaw line! Always try to blend your foundation or bb cream or whatever you’re wearing down your neck and down by your ears. By doing this, it makes it less obvious that you’re wearing anything! Also, try and match your base as closely as you can to your skin tone. A good way to do this is to test it on your neck in natural lighting. If you feel you might need a little help, go to your chosen makeup counter and ask them to help you pick out a shade- I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help!


I feel a lot of people tend to neglect their eyebrows a lot. We look after the hair on our head, so why shouldn’t we look after our eyebrows? A good eyebrow oil helps to ensure that they stay nice and conditioned; you can also be lash oil to give your lashes a little TLC as well. If you don’t want to fork out for an eyebrow specific oil, argan oil is great for all your hair, so give that a go! I also like to shape them; you can get them threaded, waxed, you can tweeze them- the list is endless. Eyebrows shape your face, so take care of them!


Okay, so we’ve spoken about cleaning our faces, so let’s talk about cleaning our brushes. If you think about it, our brushes have all sorts put on them, and then are brushed all over our faces which have oils and dirt. So, if we don’t clean our brushes regularly they can harbour bacteria and dirt, which will then be put onto our faces and most likely cause spots to occur. Also, by cleaning your brushes, your makeup will go on nicer, since there is no other product being put on your face that you didn’t want to.

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