7 Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

It can be hard sometimes to get the perfect eye look to make your eyes really standout, but with these 7 easy steps, you can wave goodbye to dull looking eyes and say hello to a new eye poppin’ look!

The first thing that is crucial to know before you do any eye look is to understand what colours compliment your eye colour. Having a makeup look that matches with your eye colour will always make your eyes pop.

Blue eyes:

Dark colours such as purple are guaranteed to make your eyes pop if you want to stand out, the colour purple helps to accentuate the colour of blue eyes, I have blue eyes myself and always reach for a purple look when I am on a night out.

During the day however where you may not want to ‘stand out’ as much but still wish to have your eyes do the talking; neutral tones can also make your eyes pop just as much as a daringly dark colour, a light coral or champagne colour will help to bring out the blue colour in the iris as well.

Steer clear of an overly smoky look as you don’t want to deter the attention from your eye colour. And of course make sure to blend!

Brown eyes:

If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck! As (almost) any colour really does go well with brown eyes, but in particular a bronze colour will go particularly well. In addition, blending a black eye shadow into the crease will help your eyes pop just that little bit more.

However, while brown eyes can almost match with any colour on the wheel, make sure you are careful with colours such as blue and pink, avoid bright blues and try to use pinks with a  gold or brown undertone to help catch the shine in your eye colour.

Green eyes:

Depending on your shade of green such as if your eyes have a shade of emerald within, using a plum or bronze will help bring out the green within your eye colour and really make them stand out. Although, if your green eyes have a hint of yellow, to help your eyes pop use colours such as light purples or browns with a light undertone. Make sure you steer clear of eye shadows with a silver colour as. Make sure again, to blend so that all colours used come together to make sure your eyes are poppin’.

Steer clear of using an eye shadow colour that is the exact same as your eye colour, this will only cause a clash between your eye shadow and your eye colour, not letting your eyes pop the way they should!

Now that we have established what colours accentuate the 3 most common eye colours we can start getting into the nitty gritty parts of making sure your eyes pop!

1: Apply a light highlighter to your brow bone to help lift and brighten your eyes, this goes with absolutely any eye colour or look. Most people forget this easy tip but once you’ve tried it you will never go back!

2: If you’re using a foiled or metallic eye shadow, spray a bit of MAC Fix+ or some setting spray onto your eye shadow brush and then dip into your eye shadow and apply as usual, this really helps to bring out the pigmentation of a foiled or metallic colour and really intensifies a look and makes your eyes stand out.

3: Make sure to prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow, just like a face primer it helps to increase the longevity of your eyeshadow and helps to maintain the intensity of  an eye look, so all your hard work and blending is guaranteed to stay on the whole day/night!

4: If you want to make a big impact, using false lashes instantly intensifies an eye look and makes your eyes look bigger as they create a fuller look.

5: Using a white liner or flesh coloured liner in the waterline helps to brighten your eyes and make your eyes appear bigger. Avoid using a black liner on the waterline as it does have the tendency to make your eyes look smaller.

6: To cover under-eye circles or puffiness, apply a brightening concealer after you have applied your foundation to help brighten and boost the look of your eyes.

7: Apply a lighter coloured eyeshadow or a light champagne highlighter into the inner corner of your eyes to brighten, make your eyes look bigger and complete your entire eye look.

Of course there are many other tips to help your eyes pop but these 7 are my top tips, using all of these steps in your eye look will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

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